Entertainment Book Offers Savings on Dining and More in Orlando

Whether you live in Orlando or just visiting, using the coupons in the Entertainment Book can save you money on things like dining, entertainment, and more.

Orlando Entertainment BookI received a copy of the 2014 Orlando Entertainment Book to try out, and I’d have to give it a big thumbs up.

The book had coupons for all over Orlando, including the theme park areas, and using it was very easy. Just tear out the coupon and present it to the business (when ordering at restaurants or at the register when paying for non-restaurant coupons).

A lot of the coupons are “buy one-get one free” coupons, so it’s very easy to rack up the savings. Dining coupons include everything from fine dining to fast food. Entertainment coupons in the Orlando book include attractions like Fun Spot, movie theaters, mini-golf, and sports. There are also travel coupons and discounts, car rental coupons, and coupons for shopping online and in person.

The book normally costs $35, but it includes digital access to coupons online, as well. There is also a digital only version for $19.99. Sometimes there are also online deals on book purchases, so check the site.

The 2014 Entertainment Book is good through December 2014, so if you buy now, you’ll have more than a year to use the coupons.

For more information, or to purchase a book or digital membership, visit EntertainmentBook.com.

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