SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Launches AnimalVision For Guests Online

SeaWorld AnimalVisionTo make it easier to connect with the animals at its parks, SeaWorld has launched AnimalVision, a collection of 24/7 cameras streaming footage from various animal habitats.

Fans can enjoy the antics of Antarctic penguins racing through the water or waddling around their icy habitat; see a school of stingrays gliding past their screen, or check out sea turtles, some of the ocean’s most graceful animals.

The cameras at SeaWorld Orlando’s newest attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, show four different species of penguins both in the water and up on the ice.

To enjoy AnimalVision, visit As I type this, I’m watching a penguin sleeping in front of the camera – it’s adorable, especially the sounds.

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