Encountering the New Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines in Orlando ( #ccfreestyle )

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things about being able to pour my own soda at restaurants was mixing them together. Suicide Sodas, we called them.

Pouring a drink from the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine

Well, now one soda company has taken this to a whole new level. Meet the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

They’re popping up in area restaurants, convenience stores, movie theaters and more. I encountered a wall of them at the AMC Pleasure Island 24 at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World.

I LOVE these Freestyle machines!

Each one has a full-color touch screen that allows you to choose from a variety of different brands. From the main screen, you’re taken to a sub-menu screen of that brand, with between five to ten different flavors. Some I’ve never even seen in stores. I would estimate each machine has over 100 different choices from sodas to energy drinks to flavored waters to juices.

One nice thing is not only the flavor variety, but that there are so many choices for those that have to watch their sugar intake, from diet to the Zero lines of Coke, Sprite, Pibb, and Fanta.

The real appeal of these Freestyle machines is the ability to mix flavors together to create new combinations. I’ve tried several, and so far, my favorite combo is equal parts Pibb Zero Cherry Vanilla and Coke Vanilla, with a 2-second shot of Fanta Strawberry.

Haven’t seen one, yet? There is a section on the official website to help you locate Coca-Cola Freestyle machines near you, or wherever you happen to be traveling. Like the Coca-Cola Freestyle Facebook page for the latest news.

If you have used one, what is your favorite flavor or flavor combination?

Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines at AMC Pleasure Island 24

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