World’s Largest Airship Comes to Orlando on May 6

Have you ever seen a blimp in the sky and thought, “Man, I’d love to ride in that!”? Well, now you can.

On May 6 (this Friday), the Farmers Airship “Covering Communities” Tour will be in Orlando offering aerial tours on board. The airship is a Zeppelin named Eureka, and at 246 feet in length, is the largest airship in the world. It’s 15 feet longer than a 747 and 50 feet longer than a blimp. The cabin holds up to 12 passengers.

All flights leave from the Orlando Executive Airport, just east of downtown, and the event starts at noon.

Weather permitting, these sightseeing tours will be offered at prices ranging from $375 to $950. Corporate and private charters are also available.

This would make a nice Mother’s Day splurge – provided your mom doesn’t have vertigo.

To learn more about flight options in your area, or to register your interest in a particular city for booking alerts, visit the Airship Ventures website, or call 650-969-8100 ext. 111.

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