Daredevil Nik Wallenda to Walk Atop 400-Foot Orlando Eye While Its Spinning

Famous daredevil Nik Wallenda announced today that he is going to step off the high-wire for a thrill of a different kind: He’s going to walk the top of The Orlando Eye…while it’s spinning.

The Orlando Eye
Looking up at The Orlando Eye

His plans are to take a passenger capsule to the top of the structure, where the attraction will stop the wheel. He will then get out and walk the outer rim of the wheel as it starts spinning again. The rim is less than six inches wide.

And he’s doing this all without the safety of a harness or a balancing pole, like he normally uses for his high-wire walks.

He’s not sure how long he will walk, but we are told it takes about 20 minutes for the wheel to make a full spin.

Wallenda, a native of Sarasota and a seventh generation member of The Flying Wallendas, already has nine Guinness World Records for his acrobatic feats. This may bring him his tenth.

Wallenda plans to walk The Orlando Eye on Wednesday, April 29, though no time has been set.

The Orlando Eye opens to the public on May 4.

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