Out and About: Trying the New Menu at House of Blues Orlando at Downtown Disney

I had heard that the House of Blues Orlando had radically changed their menu, so on a weekday afternoon, my roommate and I went and checked it out.

hob-aaronsanchezThe new menu was created by celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez, of Food Network fame. While it still has some Cajun-inspired dishes, like Voodoo Shrimp and Jambalaya, there are also some Latin-inspired dishes like Street Tacos, along with some more upscale versions of dishes like Lobster Mac & Cheese.

We decided to go with sandwiches, since it was early afternoon.

My roommate ordered the Juicy Lucy burger ($14.99), a patty made with a mixture of Angus beef and applewood bacon, then stuffed with cheese. It was topped with crispy pickled jalapenos, more cheese, and chipotle mayo and served on a potato bun, with a side of fries (she upgraded to sweet potato fries for $1), and housemade pickles.

It was indeed juicy, cooked to order, and she proclaimed it delicious.

I ordered the Southwestern Chicken sandwich ($12.99), a grilled citrus-marinated chicken breast topped with pepper jack cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, diced green chiles, avocado slices (which I asked to not have, since I’m allergic) and chipotle mayo on a potato bun. It was also served with fries and the housemade pickles.

My sandwich was good, but I would’ve rather had fresh tomatoes instead of the oven-roasted, which added a bit of unnecessary sweetness to the spicy sandwich.

Neither of us liked the housemade pickles, either, which were really more of a fresh cucumber slices in vinegar dish than pickles.

We finished up the meal by splitting the Bourbon Bread Pudding ($5.99) for dessert. It was like a slice of cake, with banana slices and white chocolate baked in. It was plated on a bourbon caramel sauce and topped with fresh whipped cream.

The bread pudding part of the dish was delicious! Moist and fluffy, with just the right amount of banana flavoring – almost like a sweet creamy banana bread. The bourbon caramel sauce wasn’t that great, though. It was all bourbon taste and no caramel, as if it hadn’t been cooked long enough for the alcohol to evaporate.

Overall, the items we tried off the new menu were good, and service was fast and friendly. We’ll be back to try some of the other new menu items.

House of Blues Orlando is located at Downtown Disney’s West Side, next to Cirque du Soleil and DisneyQuest. Happy hour is from 3-5pm and 10pm-Close.

Here are some photos of our meal:

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