Out and About: Shadayim Sneak Preview

With its unapologetic language and use of cleavage, Shadayim is a dramedy that centers on a family during the Jewish mourning period of Shiva.

Shadayim sneak preview - cast

The eldest, Michele, is on edge after being thrust into the role of matriarch upon her mother’s passing and having to deal with her sister’s online shenanigans. Her sister, Zoe, is not afraid to flaunt her sexuality and copes with death in her own way. Their strongly devout cousin, Sarah, and Sarah’s religiously rebellious sister, Leah, stay with Michele and Zoe as they mourn the loss of their mother to breast cancer.

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Out and About: Phantasmagoria VI: The Darkness Awakens is Magic

Ambrose Bierce defines Magic as “an art of converting superstition into coin,” and that is exactly what creator and director, John Didonna, has done in the sixth year of Phantasmagoria’s production, Phantasmagoria VI: The Darkness Awakens.

Phantasmagoria VI: The Darkness Awakens - Barry D. Kirsh, photographer

The show is set some time after Byron, the troupe’s leader, had sacrificed himself for the dancer Pandora. Cyril, the new leader, has since forbidden the troupe from bringing the stories to life, causing them to be thrown out into the streets by the theater’s Manager for not being able to perform anything with which he’d be able to make a profit.

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Out and About: Ink Master Season 5 Premier at Plaza LIVE! Orlando

Ink Master Season 5 Premier at Plaza LIVE! Orlando

Last week Tuesday (September 2) marked the fifth season premier of reality TV show Ink Master, and there was a free party held at the Plaza LIVE! Orlando for fans, with several stars of the show in attendance.

This season’s theme is “Rivals,” where contestants are paired off based on personal beefs. For one of the pair of “Rivals” we get to see familiar faces, Joshua Hibbard and Jason Clay Dunn from season 3. I’m excited to see Joshua in action again. Despite having been a prick, he was still a great artist. I hope that Jason has amped up his skills, though. He’s a very sweet person, but he was weak as an artist.

This season has quite a few contestants from Florida, which is why this party was held, sponsored by H2Ocean. I’ve got to say right off the bat, this was NOT a well-organized event. Doors opened at seven with “festivities” scheduled to start at eight. There were three people there when the doors opened: me, my partner-in-crime, and one guy in a beanie. We killed time by watching people set up the bar and cupcakes. It was very hardcore.

Ink Master Season 5 Premier at Plaza LIVE! Orlando
Ink Master contestant Aaron Is with daughters Molly and Mina; Robbie Ripoll with Chantal

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