The Hall In The Yard in Ivanhoe Village Has Permanently Closed

The Hall In The Yard in Ivanhoe Village Has Permanently Closed

The Hall In The Yard, a food hall tenant of The Yard on Ivanhoe development at Alden Road and Virginia Drive, has apparently suddenly and permanently closed for business.

A note was found taped to the front door saying “Permanently Closed,” and employees have received an email stating the Hall has closed its doors for regular business operations.

No further details have been given, but rumors are the closure is due to over $200,000 in unpaid rent. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Jamal Wilson, the owner of The Hall on The Yard, and its sister space The Hall on Franklin in Tampa, had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2023 to “reorganize his debt, due to high construction costs,

Apparently Wilson has also done this in several other Southern cities such as Atlanta and New Orleans.


Shame on you, Jamal Wilson. Dozens of workers were employed at The Hall at Ashford Lane in Dunwoody, GA for two months when the business suddenly closed without notice and without pay. The owner skipped town and repeatedly promised employees that they would be paid by deposits that were never sent. Now these workers are facing eviction, food insecurity and scrambling to find new employment. The workers have contacted the Department of Labor, but investigations take time to play out. Help spread the word about the workers by reposting and sharing this story to support them and hopefully bring these thieving owners to justice. #foryoupage #fyp #wagetheft #payyourworkers #thehallatashfordlane #justice

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The Hall In The Yard in Orlando opened in November 2021, and featured two levels of dining areas, several restaurants, and a bar area. Rather than having guests order from the individual kitchens, servers would take all the orders and then bring the food to the guest’s tables.

The space was also designed to be very Instagramable..

But from the opening, the reviews were mixed. The food was usually good – I even gave it a good review on my second visit – but the rest of the experience was uneven, as I noted in my first review on Instagram below, and many guests found the prices high for what they were getting.

At any rate, it looks like last call for The Hall In The Yard in Orlando. If things change, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I hope the restaurants and employees land on their feet elsewhere.

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