Sonny’s BBQ Offers Limited Time BBQ Tour Sampler Inspired by Regional Flavors

Sonny's BBQ Offers Limited TIme BBQ Tour Sampler

Sonny’s BBQ has released a new limited time menu item, the BBQ Tour Sampler, which highlights the BBQ flavors of different regions across the South.

The BBQ Tour Sampler features a generous helping of three proteins, each with their own unique regional flavor profile: Carolina Pulled Pork, Memphis Dry-Rubbed Ribs and Smoked Wings tossed in an Alabama White Sauce or a Florida Smokin’ Citrus Sauce.

Florida style BBQ reflects a diverse blend of influences, including Southern, Caribbean, and Latin American flavors. The state is known for its citrus-based BBQ sauces, which incorporate Florida’s abundant citrus fruits, such as oranges.

Local Florida pitmasters have used their expertise to create the recipe for that Florida Citrus Sauce that will now be shared with Sonny’s BBQ customers all over the South.

This entrée will be served with two Sidekicks and bread for $15.99, and will be available at all Sonny’s BBQ locations through December 24th, 2023.

In addition to the BBQ Tour Sampler, Sonny’s BBQ is offering an appetizer of Smoked Wings at a discounted price of $10.99, with the option to toss them in their new Alabama White Sauce or Florida Smokin’ Citrus Sauce.

“Sonny’s Pitmasters have been traveling and touring some of the most celebrated regions for BBQ to learn their stories that have led to the development of these distinct flavors,” explains Shannon Snell, Sonny’s BBQ Pitmaster. “We’re excited to share this new offering with all of our bbq loving fans, and to give them a taste of some of the amazing regional bbq that inspires us everyday!”

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