Out and About: Jeff’s Bagel Run Introduces Holiday Flavors for the Season

Jeff's Bagel Run - holiday flavors

Starting this week, Jeff’s Bagel Run is introducing holiday flavors into its line-up of delicious offerings, and CSO was invited to sample some of the seasonal drinks.

Jeff’s Bagel Run was founded in 2021 in Ocoee, and since then has opened a College Park location, with Clermont and O-Town West near the theme parks coming in 2024.

We met up with Jeff at the Ocoee location where we sampled three of the holiday drinks they are offering, along with tasting a sampling of the bagels as this was our first time there.

Jeff's Bagel Run - Gingerbread Chai + Gingerbread cold brew

The drinks we sampled were peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows, along with a Gingerbread cold brew with oat milk, and a Gingerbread Chai with oat milk. The first two were tasty, but my friend and I were fighting over the Gingerbread Chai. So much flavor and it went really well with both the sweet and savory bagel and cream cheese options.

Now for the bagels, Jeff was kind enough to recommend a good variety of the options available. The holiday flavors weren’t being offered yet, so we tried several daily options.

We started with a couple of basics: the Plain and the Everything.

While it may have been called “plain,” it was a great base for both the sweet and savory cream cheese flavors we sampled, including the holiday flavor Cannoli.

Yes, you read that right…Cannoli-flavored cream cheese tasted just like the inside filling of the dessert, with liberal sprinklings of tiny pieces of dark chocolate mixed in.

Jeff's Bagel Run - cannoli cream cheese

The “plain” also let us concentrate on the texture and quality of the bagel this shop produces.

Baked fresh throughout the day until shortly before its early afternoon close time, in various flavors, these bagels were the tastiest I’ve tried in a long time. They’re boiled and baked from fresh dough, so they have thin crunchy outside and a soft inside – not doughy, but more like you can press on it and it bounces back.

Jeff's Bagel Run - bagel bin

And if you can grab one while it’s still hot – first watch your fingers, because they are that hot – it’s bagel heaven in the mouth.

To sample the sweet side of the bagel inventory, we went with the Blueberry (it paired well with the plain, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and the Cannoli cream cheeses).

Jeff's Bagel Run - blueberry bagel with brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese

Then we tried three flavors unique to Jeff’s Bagel Run: the Asiago Everything (two bagel favorites deliciously blended together), the Rosemary Salt (a customer favorite, according to Jeff) and the Cacio e Pepe (it tastes so much like the pasta dish, but a bit tricky to eat with a toasted sleeve of Parmesan on one side).

My favorite combination of flavors was the Cacio e Pepe bagel with the Chive and Onion cream cheese (which had fresh chives and diced shallots mixed in, but wasn’t overpowering with the onion flavor).

Jeff's Bagel Run - cacio e pepe bagel with onion and chive cream cheese

This may have been our first visit to Jeff’s Bagel Run, but we’ll definitely be back…especially to try some of the new Holiday bagel flavors like Gingerbread Spice.

Those Holiday bagel flavors will be on a rotation, which changes daily, so be sure to check the website at JeffsBagelRun.com, or Instagram and Facebook, to get the weekly schedule. You can also get the addresses for the Ocoee and College Park locations.

If you’re in a rush, they do have online ordering available, and if you’re not sure which flavor you want when you’re there, just ask for whatever is hot.

I can already tell you when the O-Town location opens, we’ll be having Jeff’s bagels in the house all the time.

Thanks for having us out to try the holiday drinks Jeff! We’ll be back to try the holiday bagels!


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