Brightline Train Service Introduces All-Station Shared Pass For Orlando to Miami Travel


Brightline has announced it is now offering the All-Station Shared Pass, connecting repeat travel between Orlando and Brightline’s five South Florida stations.

The All-Station Shared Pass eliminates peak fares every day of the week for frequent travelers between the two regions.

“The All-Station Shared Pass is designed for guests who plan to travel frequently between South Florida and Orlando, and want ultimate flexibility to book trips on demand with consistent fare rates and no unexpected fees or blackout dates,” says SVP of Marketing & Commercial Strategy Barbara Drahl. “The pass can be shared to book rides for friends, family, and colleagues, putting guests in control to embark on adventures, business meetings, and cherished family getaways with ease.”

Starting at $1,199 for SMART Service, Brightline says the All-Station Shared Pass offers ultimate flexibility for travelers with:

  • Expansive Travel Range connecting stations in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura and Miami.
  • Ample Rides: A total of 12 rides valid for 90 days.
  • Shareable between friends or family.
  • SMART or PREMIUM service options.
  • Predictable Pricing with consistent fare rates and no unexpected fees or blackout dates.

Brightline has already doubled the amount of trips between Orlando and Miami, just two weeks after opening the Orlando station, due to high demand.

For more information on the pass, or to purchase tickets and passes, visit

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