Sonny’s BBQ Introduces Limited Time Only Candied Bacon Big Deal Lineup

Sonny's BBQ - candied bacon big deal

Sonny’s BBQ is now offering a limited time mini-menu of sandwiches featuring chipotle candied bacon for the summer.

There are three new sandwiches to try:

  • The Candied Bacon Burger Big Deal with a certified Angus beef burger topped with chipotle candied bacon, American cheese, onion straws and Sonny’s signature Sizzlin’ BBQ sauce.
  • The Candied Bacon Chicken Sandwich Big Deal with a grilled chicken breast topped with chipotle candied bacon, Swiss cheese, onion straws and a drizzle of Sonny’s mustard BBQ Sauce.
  • The Fried Green Tomato BLT Big Deal featuring fried green tomatoes loaded with chipotle candied bacon, lettuce and mayo. Served on garlic bread.

Sonny's BBQ - candied bacon big deal

Even better is that starting at $9.99, guests can order their new favorite sandwich from above, topped with candied bacon, plus a sidekick and soft drink as part of a Big Deal.

“We firmly believe that BBQ is one of life’s greatest gifts – smoked meats, classic sides, a cold glass of iced tea, all enjoyed around a table filled with friends and family. It almost doesn’t get any better,” said Billy Brewer, Chief Operating Officer, Sonny’s BBQ. “Until you add some bacon. So, that’s what we did with our limited release Big Deal Lineup featuring chipotle candied bacon on top of classic sandwiches. It’ll make your mouth water just thinking about it. Wait until you taste it.”

Sonny’s says the chipotle candied bacon can also be added to any Sonny’s sandwich for an additional fee.

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