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SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream 2021

SeaWorld Orlando has just announced new scares for its first separate-ticketed, nighttime Halloween event, Howl-O-Scream, and I have the details.

The newly revealed house, scare zone, and themed bar areas are:

SeaWorld Orlando - Howl'O'Scream - CAPTAIN'S REVENGE Haunted House

CAPTAIN’S REVENGE Haunted House: A tempting and terrifying force has possessed those who once labored aboard this vessel. Against every warning, you descend into its dank underbelly in search of the captain who swore revenge on you. What grisly horror lurks around the next dimly lit corner? Creaks and groans fill the musty air. You’re surrounded by what remains of the ill-fated crew. It’s time to find a way out…before they find permanent quarters for you.

SEA OF SOULS Scare Zone: This area is the site of a horrific shipwreck. Those marauding pirates were too arrogant to see their downfall coming, and now they’re doomed to wander through a sea of gruesome reminders. Their souls are restless, and their anger is real. They’ll never stop seeking revenge on those who’ve escaped their ghostly fate. Steer clear—if you can.

LONGSHOREMEN TAVERN: This is a new pirates themed bar experience. Take a break from the monsters and squalls, plant your weary hides, and join the merriment. In here, you might discover that an old SeaWorld treasure has been (partially) resurrected. They’re the Longshoremen, and they’ve been dying to entertain you again.

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SeaWorld Orlando - Howl'O'Scream - BENEATH THE ICE Haunted House

They join the recently announced:

BENEATH THE ICE Haunted House: In the icy wilderness above the Arctic Circle, a research facility was lost…buried under snow and cut off from the outside world. Something compelled you to join the rescue party, but doubt is creeping in. Was that laughter, or the wind? That shiver you feel isn’t just from the cold. These chambers aren’t just frozen tombs. They’re pulsing with unspeakable horrors, and you’ll have to stay frosty and alert to survive.

FROZEN TERROR: You might think you’re a safe distance from the snow-entombed research facility, but you’re not free from the frozen horrors in this roaming scare zone. This inhospitable Arctic wasteland is swarming with icy, subhuman walkers. They may have pickaxes and shovels, but they’re not here to help dig for survivors. They’re here to turn you into one of them.

MONSTER STOMP Show: In the misty corners of Victorian-era London, a fiend known only as Jack the Ripper walks the streets. Watch him take the stage in a way you’ve never seen before in this modern rock and rhythm spectacular. Hold onto your seat as electrifying percussion, dancing, and singing combine for a show that’s as darkly entertaining as it is exhilarating.

TORMENTED: This themed bar experience is one place where a cold frosty one is a good thing. Take refuge from the wintry terrors of the Arctic hellscape outside and do a little refueling here. If you’re feeling mischievous, you can even join in and frighten your fellow expeditioners while they’re braving the horrors beneath the ice. How’s that for refreshing

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Howl-O-Scream is intended for a mature audience. This event contains intense adult content such as violence, gore, and blood, so it’s not recommended for children. No costumes are allowed.

Howl-O-Scream is a separate ticketed event. Guests who hurry and act now can save up to 65% during the Monster Sale, featuring single-day tickets starting at just $31.99, OR purchase the any-night flexible-date tickets, allowing guest to brave one visit to Howl-O-Scream on ANY event night September 10 through October 31, (limited quantity available only through Aug. 8!).

To purchase tickets, or for more information, visit

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