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Vote for Frontier Airlines Next Orlando Wing Mascot

Frontier Airlines and Visit Orlando are partnering with Orlando’s Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Gatorland, SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, and Wild Florida, to vote on a favorite Florida animal to adorn a Frontier Airlines plane tail.

The promotion is designed to promote visitation to the region and highlight some of Florida’s iconic animal species and conservation efforts.

But you’re not just voting for bragging rights for your fave animal. A drawing will be held from among all consumers who vote, and 10 winners will receive $400 in flights from Frontier, which offers more nonstop flights to and from Orlando than any other airline.

The promotion runs through May 16, 2021, and you can visit this link to vote.

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Here are the animals competing to be featured next on a Frontier plane tail:

Central Florida Zoo’s Ella the black bear

Central Florida Zoo’s Ella

The Florida black bear is a seven-year-old 260-pound Florida black bear. Ella was born in the wild but she and a sibling were illegally removed from the state as cubs and were found living in a home with humans. Based on having become accustomed to humans, the cubs were deemed unfit to be returned to the wild. At the request of wildlife officials, the zoo provided a home for the bears. Ella can be adored at the zoo’s Florida Black Bear Habitat and Bear Awareness Exhibit.

Gatorland’s Larry the American alligator

Gatorland’s Larry

The American alligator was living in the wild at The Villages retirement community in Central Florida. Larry was so popular with the residents he even had his own Facebook page. Unfortunately, people were illegally feeding him which had the potential to lead to a dangerous situation. Normally alligators are euthanized under such circumstances but Gatorland stepped in, and Larry now resides in the park’s main lake where he reportedly canoodles with several girlfriends and spends his days sunning on the grassy banks.

SEA LIFE Aquarium’s Ted the loggerhead turtle

SEA LIFE Aquarium’s Ted

The loggerhead turtle is a rescue turtle who was released multiple times back into the wild, however he was not displaying behavior consistent with survival on his own. Hence, SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium became his forever home. Ted’s name is an acronym for Turtle Excluder Device, which are escape hatches in fishing nets that allow turtles to escape if they are accidentally trapped. Ted, the turtle, was one of the first turtles to test the TED device, and played an important role in pioneering a technology to help protect the endangered sea turtle species.

Wild Florida’s Flurry the albino alligator

Wild Florida’s Flurry

The albino alligator and his siblings are the only albino gators ever hatched at a facility open to the public. Albino alligators are extremely rare (it is estimated there are only around 100 in the U.S.). Flurry’s parents, Blizzard and Snowflake, also albino gators, had spent years trying to generate offspring and finally in 2019 produced a large clutch of eggs that led to the birth of Flurry and three siblings. By sharing Flurry’s story, Wild Florida aims to convert people’s fear of alligators into awe, respect, and adoration for one of nature’s most incredible animals.

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