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White Castle Orlando slider

Today, the World’s Largest White Castle opens in Orlando, but last week, I was invited to a
media preview to check out the restaurant and try some of the menu.

The last time I’d been to a White Castle was about 30 years ago on a trip to Chicago, and I didn’t realize how big the menu has gotten.

White Castle Orlando menu board

I decided to try the plant-based Impossible sliders with Smoky Cheddar Cheese (omit the cheese to make it vegan), and added some lettuce & tomato. I paired it with some onion chips, which are like individual petals of a Blooming Onion.

My friend got the original sliders with the cheddar, and fries. We shared everything, of course.

I really liked the sliders, but wasn’t a fan of the fried onions that come standard on them. They weren’t bad, it’s just a personal preference.

They have three Coke Freestyle machines so there’s a huge choice of beverages to choose from. They even have a special Fanta flavor in the machines that is like a citrus punch.

To end the meal, we tried two of their desserts-on-a-stick: NY Cheesecake with chocolate, and the limited-time Birthday Cake in honor of the brand’s 100th anniversary. They’re tiny but very rich and sweet, so you don’t really need more than those three or four bites. They’re also served frozen, so I suggest ordering them with the meal and letting them thaw while you eat.

White Castle Orlando - Desert on a Stick

We then got to take a trip through the drive-thru to see how White Castle does it differently.

There are two ordering lanes for if it gets busy, but when you pull up to the payment/pick-up windows, they don’t just slide open a window…they slide open a door. That’s because the employees walk to your car to take the payments and then deliver your food to you. With this system, they don’t need to ask you to pull ahead or into a parking spot. If the car in front of you is taking longer, they’ll walk the order to you and then you can just pull out and go home.

White Castle Orlando - drive-thru signs

Also, inside the restaurant, there is a whole side of the prep area that is just for the drive-thru sliders, so drive-thru inventory doesn’t get taken by the dine-in orders, and the customers don’t have to wait long for their orders.

I have a feeling these are going to be a great features when they get very busy in the drive-thru.

On this drive-thru trip, I decided to try a breakfast item that looked interesting…the Chicken and Waffles slider. I think it might be my favorite menu item I’ve tried so far!

White Castle Orlando - Chicken and Waffles slider

It had a crispy chicken breast topped with cheese and crumbled bacon, sandwiched between two authentic Belgian waffles that had hints of vanilla and maple syrup flavor. It was a perfect blend of savory with a hint of sweet. I only regret I didn’t buy two.

I still have more of the menu to try, but I saw they also have a regular veggie slider (which I’m told is from Dr. Prager’s and is like their California veggie burger), a fish slider, shakes, and more.

White Castle Orlando - allergen sign

One thing I noted is they are very proactive on dealing with food allergies and special diets. They have a huge notice on the drive-thru door about possible allergens, and the veggie slider and Impossible slider have their own cooking station where they don’t come in contact with any meat or fish. The fish slider also has its own frying station.

I also noticed a bunch of other cool things in the restaurant, and tomorrow I’m gonna let you in on these in another post.

In the meantime, if you pop into the White Castle Orlando this week, drop me a note in the comments and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: We were invited to a media preview. As always, my opinion is honest, and my own.

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