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White Castle Orlando - sliders

Yesterday, May 3, the World’s Largest White Castle opened in Orlando…did you get to check it out?

Well, last week, I was invited to a media preview, which I talked about yesterday, but today, I’m going to tell you about the nine things I discovered about the restaurant that I think are pretty cool.

Are you ready? Here we go:

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1] Every booth seat and each table inside has both electrical and USB outlets, so you can charge up your electronics while you eat (perfect for tourists and locals alike!). If it’s not busy, you might even be able to get some work done. The patio tables may also have this feature, but I didn’t get out there on my visit.

White Castle Orlando - charging outlets


2] There are designated cooking areas for the veggie and Impossible sliders, helping to ensure they don’t come in contact with any meat. Even the spatula handles are color-coded so they don’t get used for anything else. It’s a great feature for a fast food restaurant to have.

White Castle Orlando - plant-based slider station


3] I also discovered both the veggie sliders and the Impossible sliders can be made VEGAN! Just omit the cheese, and there’s also an option to add lettuce and tomato to the sliders.

White Castle Orlando - Impossible slider with cheese, lettuce and tomato


4] To reduce cross-contamination, White Castle Orlando also fries their fish slider in it’s own oil.


5] White Castle has its own special flavor in the Coke Freestyle machines called Fanta Craver Party Punch, and it’s a special collaboration for the restaurant’s 100th anniversary. Yes, I said 100. It tastes like a citrus fruit punch, and you’ll find the button on the lower right of the main screen.

White Castle Orlando - Fanta Craver Party Punch


6] The napkin dispenser is automatic. This not only more sanitary, but eco-friendly has it reduces the amount of napkins taken and thrown away unused. Check out this video.


7] It has drive-thru doors, instead of windows. This is so they can come out and take your payment and bring you your food no matter where in line you are.

White Castle Orlando - drive thru doors


8] There is a huge well-lit patio that is going to be a new fave nighttime hang-out for hungry people of all ages.

White Castle Orlando - patio at night


9] They offer their breakfast menu the entire time they are open. You want that Chicken and Waffles slider at 9pm, you can get one!

White Castle Orlando - breakfast items


Which one(s) do you think are interesting? If you spot any other cool stuff at the new White Castle, let me know in comments.

Disclaimer: We were invited to a media preview. As always, my opinion is honest, and my own.

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