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Hawkers Asian Street Fare dining review

It’s been a while since I last ate at Hawkers Asian Street Food, so when I stopped by its Windermere location recently to check out their limited Holiday Cocktails menu, I decided to enjoy lunch, as well.

Of course, you can’t eat at Hawkers and not get the Roti Canai, two Malaysian flatbreads served with a side of their signature curry sauce. Since I have a seafood allergy, I couldn’t eat the curry sauce (it has shrimp in it), but they were happy to give me a Thai sweet chili sauce as well.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare - Roti Canai

For our starters, my guest and I enjoyed Hawkers’ signature Yi-Yi’s Chicken Dumplings, seared, as recommended by our server. The dumplings are served with a sweet soy dipping sauce, but I also enjoyed them with my leftover chili sauce.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare - Yi-Yi's Chicken Dumplings

We also enjoyed a trio of Bulgogi Beef Street Skewers, that were perfectly cooked and flavored, along with a pair of Spring Rolls.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare - Spring Rolls and Bulgogi Beef Skewers

For her main dish, my guest tried Hawkers’ signature Po Po Lo’s Curry, a hearty family recipe that has been shared for generations with veggies, rice and chicken. Unfortunately it used the same curry sauce as the Roti so I couldn’t try it but it smelled delicious, and my guest raved about it.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare - Po Po Lo’s Curry

I ordered the Singapore Mei Fun, featuring thin rice noodles dusted with yellow curry, mixed with wok-fired chicken breast, shrimp, eggs and veggies…though mine was sans shrimp. I loved the mild spice of this dish, and would definitely order it again. It was my favorite of all the dishes we tried.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare - Singapore Mei Fun

My guest also ordered her regular favorite, Beef Haw Fun, featuring wide rice noodles, sliced steak, green onions, bean sprouts, onions and soy sauce. It’s a hearty savory dish, and they don’t skimp on the steak.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare - Beef Haw Fun

For dessert, we split an order of Cinnamon Roti à la Mode, a quesadilla-like creation filled with a sweet cinnamon spread, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fried dough crisps. It was the perfect light ending to our meal (and you can’t go wrong with more Roti).

Hawkers Asian Street Fare - Cinnamon Roti à la Mode

I was also impressed with Hawkers commitment to safety. Everyone wore masks properly (no exposed noses), employees were temperature checked before shift, and tables were spaced apart with Plexiglas partitions.

I also appreciated the staff’s attention to my food allergies, with the chef coming out several times to make sure I was aware of potential ingredient problems.

In these pandemic times, I felt very safe dining at Hawkers’ Windermere location. I also noticed they were doing a very busy take-out service, as well.

I’m definitely going to head back to Hawkers in the new year to try more of the menu (ok, and enjoy my faves again). It hit all my Asian food cravings perfectly.

Find your closest Hawkers location at eathawkers.com. In addition to Central Florida, they have locations in Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, Bethesda MD, and two in North Carolina.

Disclaimer: CitySurfing Orlando was hosted for a media tasting. As always, our opinion is honest, and our own.

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