Walt Disney World Closes a Loophole For Mask Wearers .. #WaltDisneyWorld #ParkSafety

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Walt Disney World has required park visitors to wear face coverings since it reopened its parks earlier this month, but some guests were using food and drink as an excuse not to be wearing a mask when walking around.

Disney got wise and has updated its face covering policy: Guests can no longer eat and drink while walking around the parks, strolling through Disney Springs, or exploring the resorts.

The originally worded policy stated that guests wear a mask, except when they are eating or drinking.

Some guests have taken advantage of that by carrying around a drink or food, and walking around mask-free.

According to the amended requirements on Disney World’s website, guests “may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.” See below:

Disney  has updated its face covering policy as of July 2020

This means guests can’t be walking around mask-free for any reason. They can only remove their face coverings while eating and drinking while stationary (sitting or standing), or in one of the designated mask-free sitting areas.

I’m glad they noticed and have closed that loophole. COVID-19 stats are really high in Florida, and finding a way to skirt the rules isn’t worth the health risk.

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