Seminole State College Planetarium Offers Virtual Star Parties and Shows This Week and Next .. @SeminolePlanet

Seminole State College of Florida’s Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Planetarium

Seminole State College of Florida’s Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Planetarium is hosting several family-friendly online events this week and next.

These virtual shows and events serve to entertain and educate viewers about Earth, our solar system and beyond.

Here’s what the Planetarium has coming up:

Virtual Public Show/Presentation: Earth’s Neighborhood
Thursday, April 16 from 7-8pm

Enjoy a virtual guided tour of the inhabitants of the solar system, featuring the sun, eight major planets, asteroid belt and dwarf planets, such as Pluto, as well as the innumerable objects that orbit around the sun from billions of miles away. Your journey is guaranteed to be the most exhilarating 5-billion-mile trip you’ll ever take. Special guest appearance by Michael McConville.


Virtual Star Party Episode IV – Florida Planetariums
Friday, April 17 from 9-10pm

The planetarium will be focusing the telescope on the planets in our solar system and hosting night sky tours of the visible constellations. Derek Demeter and Justin Cirillo from the Emil Buehler Planetarium and Frank Kane, founder of Sundog Software, will host live telescope views of Venus and Comet ATLAS, weather permitting. Special guest colleagues from around the state include Seth Mayo, Brett Jacobs, James Albury and Jon Bell.


Virtual Public Show/Presentation: “Two Degrees,” Earth on Edge
Thursday, April 23 from 7-9pm

In honor of Earth Day, enjoy an exploration into the latest in climate science discoveries using planetarium science visualization software. Two degrees Celsius is the increase to the average temperature of Earth believed by climate scientists where the profound changes to our planet’s environment and atmosphere instigated by greenhouse gas emissions could prove irreversible. “Two Degrees” explores the science of climate change and global warming, from the coldest, deepest ravines of the Antarctic to the seashores of Florida, and across millions of years of Earth’s history. Special guest host is Dr. Mark Subaro, Director of the Science Visualization Department at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.


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