Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest Returns for Fourth Year January 9-12, 2020 .. @OrlandoFringe

Orlando Fringe Winter Mini-Fest

Whether you’re a fan of the Orlando Fringe Festival, or have never been, you’ll want to check out the Winter Mini-Fest, which returns to Lowndes Shakespeare Center January 9-12, 2020.

What is the Winter Mini-Fest? It is a 4-day condensed version of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival featuring hand-picked, award-winning, and fan favorite shows.

As with the original Orlando Fringe Festival, a Fringe button and a show ticket are required for admission. The 2020 Winter Mini-Fest Button is only $3, and one button is good for the entire Mini-Fest. Show tickets are $15 per person for each show.

For tickets, buttons, or more information, visit ofwinterminifest.com.

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Here is the list of shows scheduled for the 2020 Winter Mini-Fest:

90 Lies an Hour: Paul Strickland
Ages 7 and up
Winner of “Best Solo Show, Comedy – Orlando Fringe 2019,” storyteller Strickland promises one brand new story each performance at Winter Mini-Fest.

Becoming Magic Mike – An Action Adventure Comedy
Ages 18 and up
Comedian DK Reinemer returns to Orlando with his smokin’ hot, action-adventure comedy about a detective thrust deep undercover in the unfamiliar world of male stripping to solve the case.

Dandy Darkly’s California Screaming!
Ages 18 and up
Dandy Darkly returns to Orlando with a world premiere of his utterly unique style of bewitching storytelling. Join Dandy for tales of Hollywood cruelty, visceral virtual reality and the timeless beauty of scream queen America’s Sweetheart.

Dissection of a… Mixed Heritage Woman
Ages 13 and up
Told through family and personal stories, poetry, dance and a bit of song, one woman tries to find out who she is and where her mixed heritage is pulling her.

Eddie Poe
Ages 13 and up
Eddie Poe’ follows a sixteen-year-old Edgar Allan Poe during his first year at University, as he attempts to distinguish himself among the scholarly elite… but on a campus filled with temptations,

Ages 18 and up
Join comedians Mike Delamont and Morgan Cranny and their hilarious special guests as they skewer all of the true, bizarre, and wonderful news stories from the great state of Florida. This show has sold out every performance at the Orlando Fringe.

Ages 13 and up
Goodbye is a new, award-winning, play written by John Mark Jernigan all about being in the right place at the wrong time that will leave your heart and mind focused on the most transcendent portions of the human condition and the unfathomable duality of joy and grief…and perhaps a lesson in scuba diving here and there.

How to Eat a Bear
Ages 18 and up
Join Dave and Mark as they embark on a profoundly idiotic quest to eat a delicious and dangerous new meat: bear. An off the wall, darkish comedy written and directed by Luke Balagia and Mack Stine.

How To Really, Really? REALLY! Love A Woman
Ages 18 and up
A hilarious, empowering, and educational tale that is part stand-up, part storytelling, part TED Talk, part Vagina Monologue, this sex-positive solo show is all about paying lip service to the divine.

Ages 18 and up
An award-winning Cabaret/Comedy/Musical/Performance Art performance.

Jon Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab
Ages 18 and up
Fire in the Meth Lab tells of drug dealers, bikers, high-speed car chases, fights, crime, prison, vomit, exploding houses, and even cancer. The show explores brotherly relationships and how siblings with the same upbringing can choose very separate paths.

Ages 18 and up
Larry wants to prove that he can be woke enough for the empowered woman of his desires but, in a moment of accidental transcendence, he uncovers a startling surprise in his own psyche. Candy Roberts’s solo clown show LARRY is a complex, daring and hilarious exploration of a hoser’s foray into feminism.

Ages 18 and up
17-year-old Levi’s church youth group is a big part of her life and makes teen life livable. Levi’s even come out of the closet and has received nothing but love and support from her family and her church group, as well. However, that support gets tested in a big way and Levi’s heart is split between being who she is and who she’s being told God wants her to be. Based on a true story.

The Lightweight
Ages 13 and up
Two gloves. One super-nerd. A whole lotta redemption. A Tolkien nerd confronts her inner demons (and the patriarchy) in this punch-drunk, nerdcore, one-woman adventure.

Meatball Séance
Ages 13 and up
John Michael has a new boyfriend, and the entire audience are cordially invited to meet John’s mom. But she’s deceased… Sad. So he’s gonna summon her from the dead by cooking her famous meatballs onstage.

My Left Tit
Ages 13 and up
A dog’s best friend is diagnosed with cancer. Omie Lou will do whatever she has to do to help Gwen win her war. Compiled of a combination of true battles and fantastical hopes,

The Myrtle Sisters – Out of Time
All Ages
The Myrtle Sisters are traveling through time collecting songs and dances from throughout the ages when they crash into 2020

Six Chick Flicks…or a Legally Blonde Pretty Woman Dirty Danced on the Beaches while writing a Notebook on the Titanic
Ages 13 and up
Following a successful off-Broadway run in New York City, the same team that brought created One Woman Sex and the City is back with another parody extravaganza! This time they tackle your favorite Chick Flicks.

St Kilda
Ages 13 and up
After the death of her Grandmother, an American woman travels to an abandoned island off the coast of Scotland and unearths a dark family secret, in a world where the past is anything but dead. This tale of supernatural horror is steeped in Scottish folklore and told in a tradition as ancient as its subject matter.

Winnie’s Rock Cauldron Cabaret
Ages 18 and up
Your favorite soul-sucking sirens of Salem, The Sanderson Sisters, return to #rockthecauldron and cast a spell sure to have you singing, laughing and dancing till you die.

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