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CitySurfing Orlando is having site issues...stay tuned as we are working on them.

Hello readers!

Yesterday we experienced a database corruption on the site which took it down for a few hours. We got the site back up, but the last two months of data – stories, calendar additions, etc – are gone.

As such, we will be spending the next few days re-adding pertinent stories. So if you see them show up in your social media feeds and think, “Hey, I already saw this!” – that’s why. Not every story will make it but a good portion of them will.

Then we’ll tackle the massive task of updating the events calendar.

Of course we’ll be publishing current stories, too. If you’ve been following CitySurfing Orlando’s social media (and we hope you are!), you’ve seen there are so many things happening this month…and so many things about to happen. The holidays in Orlando are truly amazing, and we’ll be giving you the lowdown on all of it.

Thanks for supporting CitySurfing Orlando, and staying with us through this hiccup. We’re working hard to get back to 100%.

~Michelle, Editor

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