Universal Orlando Reveals Story Behind New Volcano Bay Waterpark

Universal Orlando Volcano Bay Waterpark

Volcano Bay will be opening this spring, and Universal Orlando has revealed the story behind its new immersive water theme park.


According to “legend,” Volcano Bay began with the fiery god, Krakatau. His spirited daughter Tai Nui fell in love with a native youth named Kala. When Krakatau learned of the romance, he flew into a rage, and banished Kala forever to the sky, where he became the Moon.

Tai Nui’s grief was so strong, her tears became the Sea. This caused Krakatau to have a change of heart. Determined to reunite the young lovers, he reached into the earth and pulled it to the sky. This created the volcano in which Krakatau trapped the remains of his anger and jealousy in the form of the fire spirit, Vol, deep within.

This is how the Sky, Sea and Earth united to form the paradise of Volcano Bay, which was eventually discovered by the Waturi islanders. They were in search of a new home, and according to their legend, a mystical fish named Kunuku was destined to guide them to a new home.

They traveled to edge of the world, where they finally found Kunuku playing n the waves. The fish lead them to Volcano Bay…and this is where your story begins.


When you come to Volcano Bay, you’ll be welcomed as one of the Waturi family. The islanders have never forgotten the kindness and generosity their ancestors encountered in their journeys across the Pacific. It is that same spirit of friendship that they extend to every guest who visits Volcano Bay.

You will be provided with your own waterproof TapuTapu wearable, which features Virtual Line capabilities. It is designed exclusively for use within the water theme park.

The Universal Creative team traveled around the South Pacific to find inspiration and ideas that would redefine the water park experience and shape their vision for Volcano Bay.


Volcano Bay will grand open on May 25, 2017. It will become Universal Orlando’s third theme park, and feature a variety of water-based experiences from daring and thrilling, to serene and relaxing.

Select 3-Park tickets and package offers are now available for those wanting to be the first to experience Volcano Bay. To purchase, or for more information, visit universalorlando.com.


Universal Orlando has put together this video that shows the creation of the legend of Volcano Bay:

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