Shipt Now Delivers Alcohol in Orlando and We Tried it Out

Shipt and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits offer home delivery in Orlando

Have you ever run out of beer during a football bash? Have you ever realized you’re missing an ingredient for your special drink you’re serving at a party? Have you ever thought “Wonder who I can get to go to the liquor store for me?”

Well, thanks to a partnership between Shipt and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, you can send them to get what you need, and have it delivered to your front door.

I wrote about this service when it started on July 27, but I was also invited to try out Shipt for purposes of a review.

I made my first attempt on the first day alcohol delivery was available, but there were a few glitches in the Shipt app. Honestly, this is to be expected on the first day as everything goes live, so I sent in a list of what happened, and waited.

I tried again on Friday afternoon after getting notified that those glitches were taken care of.

Shipt and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits offer home delivery in Orlando

Whipping open the app, I started perusing the various categories to see what was available. The liquor and spirits sections had a good variety of brands and flavors. The beer section, not so much. The craft beer subsection had a few items listed, but none were names I recognized. There was one domestic beer listed between the standard and premium subcategories. So if you wanted to use this for a beer run, you might be disappointed.

The best stocked category was the wines, which had 7 subcategories such as red, white, and rose, each stocked with at least 10 items with a good variety of brands and price points.

It was super easy to place things in the shopping cart, and delete them, too. The cart also keeps a running total, and at check-out, adds on sales tax, and a $7 Shipt delivery fee.

Shipt and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits offer home delivery in Orlando

Pros and Cons

I liked that is was very easy to place an order, and most times you could get delivery within an hour or two, though you could also specify a different delivery window, if you wanted.

The selection of wines, spirits, and ready-to-drink items was very good, with a variety of price points. There was even the option to get single-shot and 250ml bottles for some spirits. The prices also seem comparable to buying it in the store.

As I mentioned before, the one area that I found lacking was the beer section. Most of the subsections were empty or had only one or two selections. I was surprised I couldn’t find any hard soda options to order either.

I also had a few glitches with the app changing my address, which led to me almost missing my delivery. I haven’t had the problem since I emailed in my glitch report, so hopefully it has been fixed.

Bottom Line

Using Shipt to get your ABC Fine Wine & Spirits selections delivered is a great idea. If you’re using it to order wines and spirits. The app has a great selection, and I love that you can specify the one hour delivery window, in case you don’t want the order to arrive right away.

The only downside I found was the beer/cider/hard soda selection. As it is now, if you need someone to do a beer run, you’ll find a better selection if you go to the store yourself.

The Details

There is a fee to become a Shipt member, which is $14 a month or $99 a year. This includes their grocery delivery service with partner Publix, which I will be reviewing in a separate post. There is an additional $7 delivery charge for each alcohol order placed.

But for you, our reader, we have a special offer for you: Get $10 in free groceries and TWO WEEKS FREE to try it out when you sign up for Shipt using this referral link. You’ll also find complete information on Shipt at that link.

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Disclaimer: I was offered a trial of the Shipt service along with a credit to try out the new alcohol delivery service. As always, my opinions are honest, and my own.

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