Out and About: House of Pho Opens in Orlando

House of Pho Opens in Orlando

We have eagerly been awaiting the opening of the House of Pho (pronounced fa) on John Young Pkwy at Sand Lake Rd. Well, at last, they are open!!

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup, and at House of Pho, there is a beef version and chicken version. They are working on a vegetarian option, but haven’t perfected it yet. We love pho. It comes with broth and noodles, red and green onion and then you add things to make it your own. I add Hoisin sauce, culantro, a little bit of fish sauce, and bean sprouts. The kids add soy sauce too. My husband adds Sriracha in addition to everything else. We love it as what starts out the same, is personalized in a short amount of time.

The pho comes in 2 sizes, small and large. The small is plenty for me and I can eat the entire thing if I am hungry. Our son can eat about half of it. He’s thrilled with left overs later that day or the next. It’s very easy to reheat as well. The large is huge. We haven’t ordered that size, but it is much bigger than the small, as I see it on other tables. We ordered Beef tenderloin (#3), and a White meat chicken (#11).

House of Pho Opens in Orlando - Crispy Spring Rolls

The Crispy Spring Rolls are very good. They are made with pork and veggies in house, and they are tasty. At our table, they go quickly, so this photo is from a second visit. On our first visit, they were gone before I could get a picture!

We had to have a second visit just so we could try some other offerings. This time we went for some sushi and other entrees. We ordered a Rainbow roll, Volcano roll, Crunchy roll, and a California roll. The Rainbow roll has 5 kinds of fish including tuna, salmon, and whitefish, around a California roll. The Crunchy roll is a shrimp tempura roll batter dipped and fried. The Volcano roll starts with a California roll, but adds scallops, clams, and a spicy sauce. This was our favorite, I think.

House of Pho Opens in Orlando - sushi

We also ordered sashimi of tuna, salmon, and shrimp. The tuna was smooth and not chewy at all. The salmon was mild and well portioned. It was very well prepared and fresh. Their Sushi Chef is named Dat, and he has been making sushi for over 20 yrs. At this time, they did not have a favorite of our family, tamago (sweet egg), but they are considering adding it to their sushi menu.

House of Pho Opens in Orlando - Stir Fried Egg Noodle

We also ordered the Stir Fried Egg Noodle with Chicken, Beef & Shrimp(#25) and the Shrimp & Honey Glazed walnut with pineapple (#32).

The stir fried noodles came with the meat mixture not mixed with the noodles. This allows the diner to decide how much noodles to eat with the meat and mushrooms. It is served with a house sause on the side. This is a little spicey, but it is very good mixed in. I found the meats to be well seasoned and quite tasty. The noodles were a bit dry for me and could have used the juices from the meats for added sauce. I would have prefered to have it come all mixed together, but that’s just me.

The Shrimp with walnuts and pineapple was really good. It is served with white rice. I am not one to eat cooked pineapple, but this, I ate. The shrimp was lightly glazed, the crunch of the walnut and the tang of the pineapple was amazing.

House of Pho Opens in Orlando - Sushi

This dish also comes with a cup of French Onion chicken broth. At first, we were a bit puzzled. Then we tasted it. What a little cup of heaven. This added just that little something extra to this dish. It was a wonderful pallette cleansing treat as I was eating both dishes at the same time. Both of these entrees are large enough to share, especially if you ordered sushi.

Once again, we did not save room for dessert, but we had to try the Vanilla Lemon Cake and the Belgium Chocolate mousse cake. Oh my! Both are decadent, and did not last long at our table. Our daughter who does not like cake, wants the Vanilla lemon cake for her birthday. It’s a light air cake, that is not heavy with the lemon. The Belgium Chocolate mousse cake is silky, rich, decadence of yumminess. They have other dessert offerings, but they insisted we try these 2. I’m happy they did.

House of Pho Opens in Orlando - chef

I asked them how they handle people with food allergies, especially to seafood with all the fish around. They take great care to cook that guests food separate from everything else. They use clean pans and clean the grill to make sure. I asked if they use anything in their pho broth that would have any fish oil of any sort in it. I was assured that there is no fish oil used in making their beef or chicken pho broth. They said to be sure to tell them, so that they can take the extra care that is needed for preparation with food allergies.

The Details:

The House of Pho official Grand Opening will be on August 14th, 2016. They will have appetizer specials, drink specials, and other fun things. In the mean time, when you order an entree, you get the crunchy spring rolls for free.

House of Pho is located at 8261 John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL, 32819. Phone is 407.930.2100, and you can find them online at houseofphoorlando.com. Happy hour is from 3-6:30pm, and they do take out orders as well.

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