Celebrate National Ice Cream Day at These Six Orlando Shops

Sprinkles ice cream in Disney Springs - Cap n Crunch and Red Velvet

Today is National Ice Cream Day, but let’s be honest, every day this hot summer is ice cream day, am I right? However, since today is an official ice cream day, I’ve picked my fave spots in Orlando to enjoy this creamy treat.

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Sprinkles at Disney Springs

Sure they are known for their cupcakes, but did you know Sprinkles offers 13 ice cream flavors. including a vegan Mango Sorbet? Red Velvet and Rocky Road are customer favorites, but my pick is their Cap’n’Crunch ice cream that has pieces of the cereal mixed in.

You can also enjoy your ice cream in sundae form and add a cupcake top for good measure. And if you do decide to get the Red Velvet, ask for it in a red velvet waffle cone. Trust me on this. Plus, did you know Sprinkles will deliver your ice cream as well as arrange for curbside pickup? Visit sprinkles.com for more information.

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Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream in Audubon Park

While Kelly’s offers traditional flavors, you should give a try to some of the not-so-traditional ones like Mexican chocolate, Chocolate Fluffer-Nutter, Maple Bourbon Bacon, and Blackberry Rose Jam.

The four flavors of wine sorbets are also good for the adult palates. Kelly’s is located at 3114 Corrine Drive in the Audubon Park section of Orlando. Visit kellyshomemadeicecream.com for a complete flavor list and more details.

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The Soda Fountain in College Park

While the Soda Fountain has great flavors like Nutella and Caramel Sea Salt, you can also enjoy your ice cream in shake and float forms in this shop that looks like an old fashioned ice cream parlor. Located at 2525 Edgewater Dr in the College Park area of Orlando, and online at thesodafountain.com.

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Jeremiah’s Italian Ice (Multiple Central Florida Locations)

Jeremiah’s is known for their Italian ice swirled with soft serve ice cream called The Gelati. Try the Sea Salted Caramel gelatis, Rppt Beer gelatis, or any of the fruit flavors. There are over 10 locations throughout the Orlando area. Visit jeremiahsice.com for the complete list.

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Twistee Treat of Ocoee/Lake Buena Vista and Ginther’s Swirls on I-Drive

These two Twistee Treats are licensed from the main company, but offer a different flavor menu. Ginther’s is the sister ice cream shop, and offers a similar menu to the Ocoee/LBV locations. Confusing, I know, but all you really need to know is if you crave a great soft-serve, these are the places to get it.

I’m partial to the Flavorburst Swirls, which offer an extra ribbon of flavor swirled in. I also love the Root Beer milkshakes, which taste like the best part of a root beer float. Visit twisteetreatocoeelbv.com for menus and directions.

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Twistee Treat (Multiple Central Florida Locations)

The original Twistee Treat also offers up great soft serve ice cream in flavors like Caramel, Amaretto, Pina Colada, and Cotton Candy, plus vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Plus many flavors can come in a “Light” version. Locations include Curry Ford Rd, UCF, Kissimmee, and Poinciana. Visit twisteetreat.com for menus and directions.

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There are my picks for great place to enjoy National Ice Cream Day in the Orlando area. Did I miss your fave? Let us know in the comments.

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