What’s New at LEGOLAND Florida: Imagination Zone Re-Imagined

LEGOLAND Florida - Imagination Zone

This week, LEGOLAND Florida debuted two new reasons to visit this summer. I already told you all about “LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS 4D: The Book of Creativity” yesterday.

The second reason is a revamped Imagination Zone with several all-new LEGO building activities.

The building is sectioned off into five new main areas:

LEGOLAND Florida - Imagination Zone - Creation Zone

Creation Zone – A curving corridor as you enter hosts enormous LEGO baseplates and padded pits filled with LEGO bricks that allow kids to display their creations on the walls and more. There are also fun padded LEGO brick stools to sit on.

LEGOLAND Florida - Imagination Zone - Flight Zone

Flight Zone – Using LEGO bricks, kids can build flying contraptions and then put them to the ultimate test by racing their crazy creations against others on suspended ziplines. There are six racing slots.

LEGOLAND Florida - Imagination Zone - Water Zone

Water Zone – With the help of some amazing touch-screen technology, kids can design and build colorful seacreatures out of virtual LEGO bricks. There are also bins filled with lots of loose LEGO bricks to build their own models of sea life both real and imagined.

LEGOLAND Florida - Imagination Zone - Wheels Zone

Wheels Zone – Here, kids can put their imaginations into overdrive by creating a limitless number of LEGO vehicles to send zooming down timed racing ramps. From cars to carts, trains to trucks, if you can roll it, you can race it!

LEGOLAND Florida - Imagination Zone - Building Zone

Building Zone – Here, you can test your design and engineering skills by building the tallest earthquake-proof tower, or create the house of your dreams.

LEGOLAND Florida - Imagination Zone - WB Games Zone

Returning areas will include the WB Games Zone (a room filled with screens of all sizes to try out the latest LEGO video games), the LEGO MINDSTORMS area (which emphasizes STEM projects using LEGO components), and I-Zone Panini (offering freshly-pressed sandwiches, salads and ice cream treats).

The Imagination Zone is located towards the back of the park, near Pirates’ Cove and LEGO Technic. It is included with admission to the park. Visit legolandflorida.com for more information.

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