Out and About: MegaCon 2016 – The Cosplay

Cosplay is not Consent sign at MegaCon 2016

The thing I like most about genre fan conventions is seeing all the cosplay, and there was plenty to admire at MegaCon 2016 in Orlando this Memorial Weekend.

What is Cosplay?

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Cosplay is a contraction of the words costume and roleplay. It refers to the use of costumes and accessories to transform into a character from a favorite fandom.

Most cosplay inspiration is derived from anime, comic books and cartoons, video games, and sci-fi/fantasy/horror movies, TV, and books. And at MegaCon 2016, there was a lot of inspired cosplay.

Cosplay for All

I’m a firm believer cosplay is for all, and I was pleasantly surpised to see cosplayers of all ages, sizes, genders, and more. I even came across some cosplayers in wheelchairs who were totally rocking their outfits.

On Saturday, there was a parade of everyone cosplaying as Deadpool, and on Sunday, there was a Spiderman conga line.

I was also happy to see MegaCon had posted several “Cosplay is not Consent” signs throughout the venue. You can read it in the top image, and it helps to make cosplay safe and fun for all.

But enough of my rambling…you want to see the cosplay, right? Here are some of the best cosplay I spotted at MegaCon 2016:

A collection of DC Comic-inspired cosplay

MegaCon 2016 - DC Comic-inspired cosplay

A collection of Disney-inspired cosplay

MegaCon 2016 - Disney-inspired cosplay

A collection of Marvel Comics-inspired cosplay

MegaCon 2016 - Marvel-inspired cosplay

A collection of Star Wars-inspired cosplay

MegaCon 2016 - Star Wars-inspired cosplay

A collection of horror-inspired cosplay

MegaCon 2016 - horror-inspired cosplay

And finally all the other cosplay I was able to capture during the weekend

MegaCon 2016 - various cosplay

MegaCon 2016 - various cosplay

MegaCon 2016 - various cosplay


Visit instagram.com/zengrrl for more photos from MegaCon 2016. I will also be posting more about MegaCon 2016 in the coming week, including a recap of all the celebrity talks I attended.

[Disclaimer: I attended MegaCon 2016 as press. As always, my opinions are honest, and my own.]

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