SeaWorld Orlando Takes Mako Coaster Out For Test Run #NothingFaster

We’re getting closer to the opening of Mako at SeaWorld Orlando, and the coaster has had its first test run.

Mako at SeaWorld Orlando - test run

Using water-filled test dummies to simulate actual riders, Mako took its first trip along its 4,760-foot steel track.

Mako at SeaWorld Orlando - test runMako at SeaWorld Orlando - test run

During its inaugural test ride, Mako plunged 200-feet down from its initial lift hill, surged through nine air-time hills and reached topped speeds of 73 mph. Just as it will when it has real riders.

Mako at SeaWorld Orlando - test run

Best of all, they strapped a camera to the front and captured an awesome point-of-view look at what to expect when you ride the hypercoaster:

Mako is set to open June 10, 2016, and will be the centerpiece of the new two-acre shark-themed realm which also includes Shark Encounter®, Sharks Underwater Grill®, gift shops, and shark- and shipwreck-themed educational experiences.

Visit for more information and updates on the new ride.

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