Walt Disney World Announces Seasonal Ticket Pricing for One-Day Tickets Effective Today

Walt Disney World has announced this weekend that they will be changing their static one-day ticket non-park hopper ticket prices to a seasonal one-day ticket pricing, effective today, February 28, 2016.

Photo by Jen Vargas

What this means is that there will now be three levels of ticket pricing for one-day non-park hoppers, where the price will reflect how popular they expect the day to be.

The levels are:

Value – Ticket prices are what they are now, $105 for the Magic Kingdom and $97 for Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Regular – Slightly busier days than value. Tickets are $110 for Magic Kingdom and $102 for the others.

Peak – The busiest (think holidays and summer) days. Tickets are $124 for Magic Kingdom and $114 for the others.

Disney says they will provide on online calendar showing at least 8 months in advance whether each day is Value, Regular, or Peak.

So while this isn’t an across-the-board price increase, it will definitely cost more on some days than others. And to be honest, their hotel prices have followed this pricing method for decades, so if you’re paying more for your Disney hotel, expect to pay more for the tickets, too.

What do you think of Disney’s new Seasonal ticket pricing? Let us know in comments.

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