SeaWorld Orlando Reveals Official Logo for Mako Coaster #NothingFaster

We’re getting closer to the opening date of Mako, the newest coaster to thrill guests at SeaWorld Orlando, and the theme park has revealed the official logo:

SeaWorld Orlando Reveals Official Logo for Mako

When it opens in 2016, Mako will be the tallest, longest, and fastest coaster in Orlando. It is a 200-foot-tall hypercoaster that will reach 73 mph as it traverses 4,760 feet of steel track (almost a mile long).

Between the speed and the height, Mako promises many thrills and relentless airtime on each hill as you ride it, plus the coaster will be enhanced by a custom sound system pumping out musical scores and sound effects as you ride.

Here is the video reveal of the new logo, courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando:

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