Out and About: Mummies of the World at the Orlando Science Center Leaves November 29

Earlier this month, I had the chance to check out the Mummies of the World exhibit at the Orlando Science Center, and I found it fascinating.

Mummies of the World at the Orlando Science Center

I actually saw it twice, as the first time was a quick walk-through during the Neanderthal Ball. The first time through, I saw the main parts – the mummies and a few side displays. But it’s hard to really read the plaques and absorb the displays when moving en masse with the crowd.

So I was happy when I got a second chance to visit the exhibit with friends and really explore at our own pace.

If all you know about mummies is what you’ve learned from movie and TVs, this exhibit will blow your mind. Even if you do know more, it’s still a great learning experience.

The exhibit is broken up into several sections, each with cases of real mummified remains, some human, some animal. It turns out there are several ways a body can be mummified, both natural and man-made, and this exhibit covers it all.

Mummies of the World at Orlando Science Center

As a fan of Egyptian lore, I enjoyed the room with the two mummies and their sarcophagi the most. In the corner was a mock-up of a few pages from a Book of the Dead, which contrary to the horror movies, was a funerary text consisting of magic spells intended to assist a dead person’s journey through the Duat, or underworld, and into the afterlife, not conjure demons.

There was a room full of bodies that had been mummified naturally in bogs. Another showed actual shrunken heads, along with text on how the process was done. And yet another room had a fascinating video showing how modern day archaeoligists utilized ancient techniques to mummify a body, and what they discovered.

The exhibit is anchored by two families of mummified bodies. The first a German Baron and Baronness; the final a mother, father, and baby. All were mummified naturally, and accompanied by insightful placards.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about mummies or even just the body itself, Mummies of the World is definitely worth checking out. You’re not allowed to take photos, so take the time to really absorb what you’re seeing. I’ll be honest, some of it is a little unsettling, as such, the exhibit might not be suitable for younger children.

But for the rest of you…you have until November 29 to see it before it leaves Orlando. It’s free to members of the Orlando Science Center. For non-members, daily admission is $27 for adults, $24 for seniors/students with ID, and $18 for youth age 3-11. Parking in the garage is an additional $5. Admission also includes the rest of the Orlando Science Center exhibits.

For more information, visit osc.org.

Disclaimer: We were invited to visit Mummies of the World for review. As always, our opinions are honest, and our own.

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