Twister: Ride It Out to Close at Universal Orlando on November 2, 2015

Monday night, it was revealed that “Twister: Ride It Out” will be closing at Universal Orlando on November 2 to make room for a new attraction, “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Twister: Ride It Out at Universal Orlando

“Twister: Ride It Out” opened May 4, 1998, and was themed after the popular 1986 disaster movie, Twister.

The attraction features four main areas: the Queue, where guests wait; the Pre-Show, featuring Twister stars Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt talking about the movie; Aunt Meg’s Kitchen post-tornado, where Paxton and Hunt continue the story; and the Drive-In, where guests actually get to experience a mock-twister with high winds, faux lightning, and flying water.

I have to admit, I was never much of a fan of this attraction. I hated when we had to walk between rooms because nobody would move at the same rate, and when we were in the drive-in scene, I always got a face full of water because I’m short. Also, having grown up in the midwest and experienced a few real tornadoes, reliving it at the attraction wasn’t a big thrill for me.

How about you? Did you enjoy “Twister: Ride It Out” or are you excited to see it close for the Jimmy Fallon attraction? Let us know in comments.

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