The Purge Returns to Halloween Horror Nights 25 at Universal Orlando #HHN25

One of my favorite parts of last year’s Halloween Horror Nights is returning for this year. Get ready to experience The Purge, one more time.

The Purge Returns to Halloween Horror Nights 25

But this year, instead of being a scarezone, you’ll be experiencing The Purge in an all-new house experience.

As guests enter the house, the annual “Purge Night” has commenced, and they will find themselves hunted by dozens of masked vigilantes who will stop at nothing to purge as they are entitled.

“Building on the success of last year’s scare zone, this time our guests will live their very own ‘Purge Night’ within the confines of an all-new house experience,” said Michael Aiello, Director of Entertainment Creative Development. “Just like in the film, guests will find themselves within arm’s reach of the most sadistic collection of killers imaginable. Their only want and need is to express their right to purge and purge they will.”

For those unfamiliar with The Purge movies, they are based on the concept that America has instituted an annual “Purge Night” where for 12 hours, nothing is illegal, even murder. The reasoning is that by allowing everyone to act on their base instincts for those 12 hours, the rest of the year they will be model citizens.

Halloween Horror Nights 25 starts September 18 at Universal Orlando. Tickets and vacation packages are on sale now at\Orlando.

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