Out and About: Grand Opening of Pizza Mia Ristorante on S. Orange Blossom Trail

My family and I happened upon a new restaurant called Pizza Mia Ristorante that opened today (July 6), so we decided to give it a try.

Pizza Mia Ristorante pizza by the slice

Pizza Mia Ristorante is located at 12640 S Orange Blossom Trail, near South Chase. This place has a family history about it. The owner’s father, and Uncle have pizza places in the New York City area, and this is the first location in Florida.

They have pizza by the slice in addition to an 18 inch pie. It is New York style pizza. The crust is thin and crispy. The sauce is good and not sweet. They also have appetizers, as well as pasta dishes, calzones, and salads on the menu. They offer beer and wine, as well as Coke products, for beverage options.

Pizza Mia Ristorante whole pizza

We had an order of garlic knots (6 per order) and a whole pie, and opted to eat it in the restaurant. We didn’t think we would eat it all, but then again, ya never know. The pie came to us hot, and we dug in. We ate the entire thing…I guess we were hungry. The ingredients were fresh and it tasted really good.

My husband said that this was the best New York style pizza he’s had in a long time, outside of NYC. The only issue we had was that it was not cut all the way through. But that really isn’t an issue, just a speed bump on the way from the plate to our tummies.

Pizza Mia Ristorante on S. Orange Blossom Trail

As this was their first day open, not everything on the menu was available. I’m looking forward to trying the other things they will have to offer. Things like buffalo chicken wings and mozzarella sticks are baked, not fried. Their Vodka pizza sounds interesting, as does their Margherita, Ricotta and Spinach, and many other varieties. What can I say…we love pizza!

Their hours are Sunday – Thursday 10:30am to 10pm; Friday and Saturday 10:30am to 11pm. No website that I could find, but their phone is 407-888-9893.

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