Out and About: Ting Tings Put on High Energy Show at The Social

UK electro-pop duo The Ting Tings made a stop in Orlando on April 14, 2015, and The Social was packed with fans.

Ting Tings Put on High Energy Show at The Social

The big surprise is the duo was actually a trio on stage. They had a third touring member to assist with all the electronic sounds.

But the show was definitely all about Katie and Jules, who ran through almost an hour of singles and album cuts from their earlier works. Jules was stationary behind the drums, occasionally grabbing a guitar. In contrast,Β Katie was all over the stage, spending most of the set with a guitar strapped around her neck. I’m amazed any of my photos of her turned out clear.

Ting Tings at The Social 04.14.15

The crowd had the biggest reactions to their huge hit, “That’s Not My Name,” which came towards the end of the set, but they were singing and dancing to most everything The Ting Tings played.

Ting Tings at The Social 04.14.15

Then the duo segued into cuts from their recent album, Supercritical, including “Wrong Club,” “Green Poison,” and a slowed-down version of the title track, “Supercritical,” to close out the evening.

Ting Tings at The Social 04.14.15

It was a good show, and I enjoyed being in the audience for it.

For more on The Ting Tings, including upcoming tour dates, visit thetingtings.com.

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