Out and About: #OrlandoMeetandSweet Delivers the Treats to Sample

Last week I attended a blogger event called #OrlandoMeetandSweet that showcased several local dessert companies, and it was a great evening of yummy treats.

#OrlandoMeetandSweet by The Blogger Meetup

Held by The Blogger Meetup at Ember, it was an evening of local bloggers combined with local companies showcasing their sweet products.

I started by taking photos of all of the treats before I started sampling. I figured I’d get that out of the way before I got sugared up.

gourmet cotton candy from Sky Candy Orlando
Gourmet cotton candy from Sky Candy Orlando in Berry-Lemon, and Coconut-Lime

Then I began tasting the offerings. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like, but there were some stand outs. My favorite of all the sweet treats was the gourmet cotton candy from Sky Candy Orlando. The company takes organic Florida sugar and whips it into floss. Then it adds extra flavor with additions like crushed dried berries and lemon zest or toasted coconut and lime zest. In addition to added flavor, the toppings cut the super sugary sweetness that the cotton candy normally has. I really enjoyed both flavor variations offered.

Buttermilk Bakery Orlando
Buttermilk Bakery: Lemon Matcha Croissant; the three offerings; Slow-roasted Strawberry Pop Tart

An equal favorite were the offerings by Buttermilk Bakery. The handmade Slow-roasted Strawberry Pop Tart with frosting drizzle was so flaky and had the right amount of sweetness. Definitely better than store-bought mass-produced toaster offerings. And the Lemon Matcha Croissant, covered with a matcha glaze and sliced almonds, was something I could eat for breakfast every day. It was light with just a hint of sweetness, and a complex flavor that wakes up the taste buds. I may have had two of these. Buttermilk Bakery sells its delicious wares at the Maitland Farmers Market on Sundays.

Peak Season Pops & The Soda Fountain
A mojito pop by Peak Season Pops; the variety of flavors to sample from The Soda Fountain

Also very yummy were the gourmet ice pops by Peak Season Pops. I enjoyed the mojito and chocolate sea salt flavors. Nearby, The Soda Fountain served up several flavors of their gourmet ice cream. The strawberry-basil and nutella flavors were favorites.

gourmet marshmallows offered by Wondermade
A selection of Wondermade flavors; Toasting a Wondermade bourbon marshmallow

Another unique sweet treat were the gourmet marshmallows offered by Wondermade in a variety of flavors. I tried the strawberry, but the winner was the bourbon-flavored ones that were toasted in front of me.

Baked goods by Just Desserts Orlando, Sweet by Holly, and Sugarbuzz Dezert Company
Baked goods by Just Desserts Orlando, Sweet by Holly, and Sugarbuzz Dezert Company

And then there were the baked goods. So many cupcakes, cookies, and other delights to try. Just Desserts Orlando had my favorite cupcake, a Tiramisu one with espresso soaked vanilla cake, espresso chocolate mousse filling and mascarpone frosting. Their Triple Irish one was yummy as well (Guinness chocolate cake with Jameson whiskey chocolate ganache filling and Bailey’s Irish Cream buttercream).

Sweet by Holly brought 4 of their flavors in mini-cupcake size. Delicious as always. Sugarbuzz Dezert Company had chocolate covered mini-cheesecakes. I tried their raspberry one – it was good but very rich. The size was just the right amount for me. I also enjoyed their chocolate chunk cookies with sea salt.

Dipping a Krispy Kreme doughnut into chocolate glaze and sprinkles
Dipping a Krispy Kreme doughnut into chocolate glaze and sprinkles

I also tried some of Krispy Kreme‘s Easter offerings, and got to glaze my own doughnut. Not as easy as it sounds when you’re dipping your doughnut into a vat of chocolate glaze in the dark, but I got 90% of one side covered. Then I dipped it into a bowl of sprinkles. I think I may have had more on my chocolate-covered fingers than the doughnut, but it tasted good either way.

J and G Chocolate and Tea flavored ganaches and truffles; Old Town Taffy samples
J and G Chocolate and Tea flavored ganaches and truffles; Old Town Taffy samples

Due to being overwhelmed by all the sweetness, there were a few companies I didn’t get to sample, but others said were really good. J and G Chocolate and Tea brought a variety of flavored chocolate ganaches and truffles to try, and Old Town Taffy Co. had cute little bags with taffy samples.

All in all, I really enjoyed the chance to sample all of these Central Florida businesses in one setting, and it was fun catching up with a few fellow bloggers, and making friends with others. I look forward to taking part in the next The Blogger Meetup.

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