White Castle #cravemobile Food Truck Mania in Orlando This Weekend

White Castle Crave Mobile

You may have noticed our post about the White Castle Crave Mobile making an appearance at both Fun Spot America locations this weekend. Well, apparently everybody underestimated how popular this event would be.

Each day, the lines were huge, with people waiting 2-3 hours just to place their orders. Sometimes the truck would close the line to catch up, and then reopen. And even then there was no guarantee the people in the line would get a chance to order.

Everyone I talked to said it was just a crazy scene. Of course a big part of the problem is people were ordering in huge amounts – 30, 60, even 100 and more! They were being sold 2/$2 for regular Castle burgers, and 2/$3 for the cheese and jalapeno sliders. Sides – including fries, chicken rings, onion rings, and dessert on a stick – were $3 each. One report said one couple ordered 120 Castle burgers – that’s $120 worth of burgers.

Seems like White Castle just needs to open a location or two in the Orlando area, if people are willing to spend that kind of money on their burgers. Or maybe it was the novelty of White Castle in Orlando that made people go slider crazy?

Did you get your hands on some White Castle this weekend? Let us know what you thought of the food and the lines in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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