SeaWorld Orlando Bans Dolphin Feeding at Park

SeaWorld OrlandoEffective Monday, February 23, SeaWorld Orlando is no longer allowing guests to feed the dolphins at the Dolphin Cove area.

Visitors could still touch the dolphins that approached them in the water, but the park no longer had the $7 trays of fish available to feed the dolphins.

There was no official word given on the change, but starting next month, the park will start offering a 10-minute package starting at $15 that includes having photos taken with dolphins under the eye of a trainer. Sign-ups will start online March 2.

This is similar to programs already in place at SeaWorld’s San Diego and San Antonio parks.

While many may lament the loss of the feeding opportunity, it’s actually a move that protects both the animals, from guests dropping things other than fish for them to eat, and the guests, from dolphins accidentally nipping fingers, as happened in 2012 when an 8-yr-old girl was bit on the arm while holding a paper fish tray.

How do you feel about no longer being able to feed the dolphins? Let us know in comments.

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