Out and About: Marvel Universe LIVE! Brings Superheroes to Life For Families at the Amway Center

Marvel Universe LIVE! at Amway Center - photo Michelle Snow

It was girl’s night out at the first show of Marvel Universe LIVE! at the Amway Center on Friday, December 5. Myself, my roommate, our family writer Carol, and her daughter – all Marvel fans – were there to check out this new arena touring show based on the characters and storylines of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains.

Marvel Universe LIVE! at Amway Center - photo Michelle Snow

In Marvel Universe LIVE!, the Mighty Thor has shattered The Cosmic Cube, the ultimate source of power, into pieces so it can’t be used for evil. It takes the combined efforts of The Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel and Hulk), Spiderman, and Wolverine to fight the forces of Loki and the Chitauri, along with Aldrich Killian, Red Skull, Green Goblin, Rhino and Electro, and more. There are also appearances by Nick Fury and Maria Hill, along with X-Men Cyclops and Storm, plus villains Madame Hydra, Black Cat, Lizard, and Doc Ock.

The show has a storyline intriguing enough for adults, but simple enough for kids to follow along and cheer for their favorite superheroes. Some of the dialog is a bit cheesy, but it made the kids in the audience laugh.

Marvel Universe LIVE! at Amway Center - photo Michelle Snow

The show is full of stunts, fights, and well placed pyro/explosions. I really enjoyed the creative ways the show uses moving set pieces and visual graphics to transport the audience from the Avengers tower to a mountain setting. My favorite set was the Statue of Liberty battle featuring Thor and Spiderman fighting Spidey’s biggest foes.

Marvel Universe LIVE! at Amway Center - photo Michelle Snow

I saw excited kids of all ages dressed up as their favorite Marvel characters, but if you take your little ones to this show, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • The show can get loud from the explosions and such. If you have a child with sensory issues, you may want to bring ear protection for them. There are also occasional bright flashes, but no strobes.
  • There is some violence, but no blood or gore. The show also does a good job of warning the audience not to try these stunts at home, but it never hurts to reinforce that with the younger kids.
  • There is an intermission about half way through, so there is a chance for kids to get up, walk around, or use the bathroom.

Marvel Universe LIVE! at Amway Center - photo Michelle Snow

Marvel Universe LIVE! will be in Orlando through December 7, and then it won’t return to Florida until April 2016, when it plays in Jacksonville. For other dates and locations on the tour, or for more information on the show, visit marveluniverselive.com.

To purchase tickets to the remaining Orlando shows, visit amwaycenter.com or go directly to the Amway Center box office.

[Thanks to Feld Entertainment for the opportunity to review this show. As always, my opinion is my own.]

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