Out and About: A Look at the New Wendy’s Remodel and New Pulled Pork Offerings

Last week I stopped in the Wendy’s on S. OBT, and got a chance to check out the new look for the chain.

The revamp, which is taking place in Wendy’s throughout Orlando, favors neutral colors with deep red accents. The overall atmosphere seems more fast casual than fast food.

Wendy's remodeled

Speaking with Bob Hansborough, Director of Operations, who happened to be at this location when we visited, the idea is that Wendy’s will offer a more comfortable atmosphere, while still providing their menu at lower costs than a sit-down casual restaurant.

I can definitely see lingering a bit in the comfy booths. There was even a seating area with cushy chairs next to a flat-screen TV and animated fireplace. Perfect for grabbing a Frosty and chilling out with the complimentary wifi for a bit.

Wendy's BBQ pulled pork

While we were there, we also got to sample the new BBQ Pulled Pork offerings Wendy’s is now offering for a limited time.

The pulled pork itself is sauceless, and is moist but a little salty. The magic is in the three sauces – sweet, spicy, and smoky. Individually the sauces are good, even the smoky which thankfully doesn’t have that fake smoke aftertaste.

But I enjoyed them much more when mixed. I enjoyed the sweet and spicy together with the pulled pork. Our family writer, Carol, liked mixing all three for a more complex flavor.

Wendy’s is currently offering the BBQ Pulled Pork as a sandwich, as a topping on a cheeseburger, and in a pulled pork cheese fries side dish.

For more information, visit Wendys.com.

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