SeaWorld Orlando Offers New Cell Phone Charging Stations

SeaWorld Orlando cell charging stationsNext time your cell phone battery goes into the red while at SeaWorld Orlando, the park has you covered with some new cell phone charging stations.

Located at Shamu’s Happy Harbor and Voyager’s Smokehouse, the new charging lockers cost $3 for two hours of juice.

So go ahead and document your visit on social media and take all those photos. When you need to recharge, just use one of these charging stations, and you’re covered.

Are you happy theme parks are now putting in these charging stations, even if you have to pay to use them?

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One thought on “SeaWorld Orlando Offers New Cell Phone Charging Stations

  1. I’d like it better if it was free, but with all the other things to buy and spend money on there, $3 probably wouldn’t seem like much to get my phone charged back to full.

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