Universal Orlando Releases New Details About Hogwarts Express at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hogwarts Express

This week, Universal Orlando released new details about the Hogwarts Express train that will connect the two areas of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with each other.

The train will shuttle guests between the new Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida and Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure, but it will also be a heavily themed experience that Potter fans will love.

The Hogwarts Express experience combines powerful storytelling, live special effects, lifelike animation and state-of-the-art technology to take riders on the journey of a lifetime. Guests will enjoy two completely different experiences depending on whether they’re traveling to Hogsmeade or London (Diagon Alley).

Hogwarts Express Hagrid

Guests will be transported from the Muggle world to the Wizarding World as they pass through the brick wall at King’s Cross Station in Diagon Alley to arrive at Platform 9 ¾.

Once seated in the cabin, guests will be able to look out their windows as an incredibly authentic and magical adventure unfolds before them.

Hogwarts Express Weasley

They’ll see Hagrid come alongside the train on his flying motorbike, Buckbeak the Hippogriff swoop gracefully over the black lake, the Weasley twins on brooms and up to their usual antics, the Knight Bus swerving through London traffic – and other special moments and surprises.

There will even be demontors, though Universal stresses the ride will be suitable for the whole family.

The effects will be 3-D, but no glasses will be needed to enjoy the view. It is estimated that Hogwarts Express should be able to handle thousands of riders an hour.

Hogwarts Express Buckbeak

Universal’s Creative team has been working closely with Warner Bros., Stuart Craig and the production team from the Harry Potter films to create a sensational Hogwarts Express experience that the entire family can enjoy. The Creative team has gone to great lengths to ensure the experience is true to the books and films. Everything about the train is authentic – from the paint and the materials used to build it, all the way down to the whistle.

Park-to-park admission is required to experience the Hogwarts Express journey in either direction.

Diagon Alley and The Hogwarts Express are expected to open Summer 2014, though no exact date has been set, yet. For more information, visit universalorlando.com/harrypotter.

Universal Orlando also released this First Look video for The Hogwarts Express:

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