Out and About: MegaCon 2014 Day 2 Recap

MegaCon 2014 cosplay

In the realm of sci-fi and comic conventions, Orlando’s MegaCon is one of the biggest in the country. We braved all three days to bring back photos and this recap is of our adventures on Day Two.

Arriving early on Saturday, we were again greeted with a wall of traffic just to park. It took over an hour, and I made it inside with 10 minutes to spare before the first panel I wanted to see.

MegaCon 2014 James Marsters

Actor James Marsters was also late due to the traffic, but once the panel started, he regaled us with stories about his days on the sets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Torchwood. Fielding questions from fans, he also sang a little bit, and plugged his band’s concert later that evening at MegaCon.

MegaCon 2014 Torchwood

I missed the panel for comic legend Stan Lee, and got into the panel room for Torchwood a few minutes before it started. Since not a lot of VIPs were there, I was given permission to move up to third row. Torchwood, for those who haven’t seen it, is a racier spin-off of sorts of the classic show Doctor Who (Torchwood rearranged even spells Doctor Who). Three of its leads – John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Garth David Lloyd – spoke for an hour about filming the show, including the differences in shooting for the BBC in the UK, and Starz in the US (which ran the last Torchwood season).

My plans were to leave the Torchwood panel and get in line for The Walking Dead panel. Those thoughts were dashed by the mob of people standing outside the room waiting to get in. A wall of people that wasn’t even moving, so I just sat down next to a Häagen-Dazs cart and waited it out. Forty minutes later, the room opened and the crowd dissipated, but with the panel quickly at capacity, they closed the doors and I never got to see the panel.

I decided to just roam the halls of the convention center taking photos of all the cosplayers, and I was really blown away by some of the incredible details of some of the costumes.

MegaCon 2014 cosplay

One guy went steampunk, with humongous wings that opened and closed. Another gentleman, a veteran who went by the name Spider, decked out his wheelchair like a tank, complete with a swinging laser cannon.

MegaCon 2014 cosplay

Superheroes and their villains were the most popular choice of costume. Deadpools and Jokers were everywhere. Harlequins and Wolverines were the next most prevalent choices.

MegaCon 2014 cosplay

There were a group of Ghostbusters, weeping angels from Doctor Who, Browncoats dressed their Big Damn Heroes (my fave was the one dressed as Kaylee from Shindig), and a couple rocking the vintage Battlestar Galactica look.

MegaCon 2014 cosplay

In a way, I’m kind of glad I missed The Walking Dead panel, as it allowed me to see so many great examples of cosplay.

Were you there on Saturday? What did you think of the crowds, the panels, and the cosplayers?

Two days down and one more to go…

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