Out and About: Nuclear Cowboyz in Tampa; Coming To Orlando March 8-9

Nuclear Cowboyz in Tampa

On February 23, we were invited to road trip to Tampa to see the Nuclear Cowboyz show prior to its Orlando dates next month. So with family writer Carol Garreans and her kids, we headed over to the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

We ended up with seats really close to the action, though at times it made it hard to see what was happening on the other side of the arena.

Nuclear Cowboyz in Tampa

That wasn’t really a problem, though, as the majority of the action takes place in the air as the talented daredevils that make up the Nuclear Cowboyz did numerous acrobatics with their motorcycles (and ATVs).

Nuclear Cowboyz in Tampa

At times, there would be five or six motorcycles in the air around the arena, doing stunts that included backflips, long distance jumps, and even the riders leaving their seats in mid-flight.

Shaolin Kung-Fu Warriors

Add to that the Shaolin Kung-Fu Warriors, who helped move the action and storyline along with their martial arts displays, as well as fireworks and lots of flame, and there is definitely enough action to make anyone happy. Even the two kids, ages 6 and 8, said they thought the show was a lot of fun and kept their attention.

Part of what helped with that was the short intermission about mid-way through, so the kids could go to the bathroom and run around a bit.

Nuclear Cowboyz

If you like stuff like the X-Games, Motocross, and other action sports, you’ll love Nuclear Cowboyz.

Tickets are still available for the Orlando show, which takes place at the Amway Center March 8 and 9. Tickets start as low as $20, and even the higher up seats will have great views of the aerial action.

Nuclear Cowboyz in Tampa

Thanks to Feld Motorsports for inviting us to check out this fun show!

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