Universal Orlando Raises Base Ticket Prices Above the $90 Mark

universal-sphereIn the new round of Orlando theme park ticket price wars, Universal Orlando has become the first one to raise the base price of a ticket above the $90 mark.

For Universal Orlando guests, a one-day/one-park ticket, will now have a $92 base price – that means before tax. With tax, that will put the ticket price over $100 per adult.

Other Universal ticket options have also gone up in price. A one-day/two-park ticket is now $128, and a two-day/two-park ticket is now $146.99 (both before tax). These prices are for buying online in advance. Ticket prices at the gate may be more.

Of course, Florida residents can take advantage of discounted Universal Orlando annual passes online, as well.

Currently, the other two big parks, Walt Disney World and SeaWorld, offer their one-day/one-park tickets for $89 per adult.

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