Walt Disney World to Debut Iron Man Decorated Monorail to Promote Iron Man 3 Movie

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 isn’t due in theaters until May 3, but Walt Disney World is already kicking off promoting the movie by re-theming one of its monorail vehicles to an Iron Man motif.

Starting this last weekend (in time for the huge Easter crowds at the theme park), guests could ride aboard an monorail featuring Iron Man on one end, and the Iron Patriot (another IM3 character) on the other.

Here is a photo of the entire vehicle:

And here is a close up of the Iron Man end – note the placement of the Stark Industries logo:

Finally, here is a shot of the Iron Patriot end:


I personally love when Disney does this kind of stuff, and it’s good to see a Marvel presence at WDW. Hopefully there will also be some good Iron Man 3 merchandise available around the movie’s release.

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