Out and About: Having a Snack at Splitsville at Downtown Disney in Orlando

splitsville-menuAfter catching a movie at the Downtown Disney AMC Theaters, my roommate and I decided to go next door and grab a quick snack at the new Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

Housed in the building that formerly held the Virgin Megastore, the interior has been completely remodeled – even the escalators have been moved to the side of the building.

It was a weekday afternoon, but most of the bowling lanes were full. Not many were there to eat, though, so we were seated immediately on the first floor between two sets of lanes.

We decided to split the Loaded Fries ($10), which were described as “fries smothered with nacho cheese, bacon, ranch dressing, scallions and love.”

It was very tasty, even though the cheese did taste like it came from a can. We were disappointed with the portion size, though. For $10, I expected a full plate of fries, but there was plenty of bare plate showing around the appetizer. So even though it tasted good, I wouldn’t order it again.

Loaded Fries at Splitsville Luxury Lanes
Loaded Fries at Splitsville Luxury Lanes

There were other main items on the menu, and we may be back to try those.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes is located at Downtown Disney’s West Side, between DisneyQuest and the AMC Theaters.

Have you eaten here? What do you think?

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