The Darkness Bring Hot Cakes to Hard Rock Live on January 11, 2013


Multi-platinum British hard rock act The Darkness is returning to the states in 2013, and the second show of their new “Let Them Eat Cakes” tour will be at the Hard Rock Live on January 11.

The band first hit it big in the early 2000’s, with songs like, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” Then, due to the excesses of fame, the band broke up.

Time, and chance circumstances, put the band members back together, and the results are evident in the new music they’ve created.

The Darkness are touring in support of their new CD, Hot Cakes, their first since reforming.

Tickets to the show are $25 (general admission), and are available online or at the Hard Rock Live box office.

Here is the first video off of Hot Cakes, for the song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us”:


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