Orlando Premium Outlets Vineland Set to Expand By 2013

The Orlando Premium Outlets Vineland is a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. Not only is it full of great discounts, but it’s also located near Walt Disney World.


Simon Property Group Inc., which owns the mall, has announced plans to expand the mall property by 100,000-sq-ft.

Some of this space will be for new stores, but a good chunk will also go to expanding the parking area (may I suggest another parking garage, instead of just a lot).

To do this, Simon will purchase the former Dixie Stampede dinner show location, and tear down the building.

The expansion is expected to be finished sometime in 2013

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  1. Wow it was about time. I drove through there yesterday as I was heading to 535. Bad idea. It’s so congested, especially having that giant church next to it. I remember when I lived near there about 10 years ago, and there was always parking. I guess growth is a good thing, when it’s managed properly.

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