Recap: Star Wars Celebration VI Takes Orlando to a Galaxy Far Far Away

Last weekend, thousands of Star Wars fans descended upon Orlando for Star Wars Celebration VI at the Orange County Convention Center. It was the second time this popular event has been held here.

Star Wars Celebration VI Passes

Stars from the various Star Wars films showed up, such as Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia). There was also a huge merchandise room, and many attendees got into the spirit by dressing up as their favorite characters.

George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars universe, even showed up unannounced on Saturday for a panel. Actor/producer Seth Green took this photo as proof. Green and Lucas are working together on a new animated series, called “Star Wars Detours.”

Want photos? Buckethead from Real Radio 104 posted a couple of sets on his website. Orlando Attractions magazine also posted many photos from the event.

And of course, the official Star Wars site reported from the convention, with lots of photos.

My friend Cris Ferreira Reed and her husband Matthew attended on Saturday and Sunday, and were kind enough to let me share some of their photos on this blog:

Cris and Matt fight off the Rancor
The Jawa Speeder Repair Shop
Ham Solo
Stormtroopers and a Bantha
Cris and Matt fight for survival in the trash compactor

All in all, it was a great convention, and hopefully, it will return again for a three-peat. Everybody write them and tell them how much you enjoyed having Celebration VI in Orlando. I’m serious! You can tweet them @SW_Celebration and find them on Facebook.

Did you go and take photos? Drop us a link in comments!

And may the Force be with you…always!

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